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Top 10 Upcoming Korean Dramas in Netflix for 2021

Korean dramas have an edge for keeping viewers entertained as it has been coming forward with plotlines that are compelling and thoroughly grip your attention if you are a south Korean drama fantasy lover then this is something you will be excited about this coming 2021 and these are the list of top 10 upcoming k dramas in Netflix  10)  mouse   mouse is staring by park jooheon as bong I and lee soon Ji as jong bah ram this is a suspense action and drama this drama is about a justice-seeking rookie police officer named young barium the story follows young barium as he comes face to face with a crazed psychopath serial killer whose ruthless murders have thrown the entire nation into chaos then after surviving his encounter with the psychopath young barium's life begins to change completely 9)  sunbee don't put on that lipstick sunbee doesn't put on that lipstick as a romantic comedy that is already interesting to many staring chai Hyun soon he works for the cosmetic brand as
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Top 10 NEW Anime of Fall 2020

The top 10 anime that people anticipate in an upcoming season but usually around half of those entries are filled with sequels of popular anime for obvious reasons hence we're going to change things up a little bit I know I already had something pretty similar to this before but we'll have a second go at counting down the top anime to look out for this fall 2020 but this time I'll be intentionally excluding sequels and focusing only on new anime so with those sequels out of the way which shows will make it to the list    No.10 I'm standing on one million lives Source ( We begin with I'm standing on one million lives and right off the bat we get an issac this time it's the trio of friends yusuke kusuwe and eu who get transported into another world full of mythological creatures now the thing is the two girls get some cool character class assignments becoming a warrior and a magician while yusuke is left with being a farmer what a nice f

Top 5 Best Comedy Anime of All Time

 5. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu  Source ( Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu is an anime adaptation of a light novel with the same name made by Yui Haga and Kenji Inoue. The first season of this anime aired from January 2010 to April 2010, and the second season aired from July 2011 to September 2011, with each season had a total of 13 episodes. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu tells a story about a dumb guy named Akihisa Yoshii. He is a student at the academy who divides his class based on test results. Class A contains students who have high grades, so that the class has very complete facilities (AC, luxurious seats, spacious, etc.) while class F is the opposite. One day during the test, a girl named Mizuki Himeji was sick, so she was thrown into class F with Akihisa Yoshii. He felt sorry for Mizuki and had the ideaof waging a war to get better facilities like class A. Besides Mizuki, in his class, there was also class leader Yuji Sakamoto, bishounen Kinoshita Hideyoshi, a pervert T

Top 7 Badass Women in Korean Dramas 2020

A damsel in distress? Helpless young lady? Not on this list! From deathly stares to spin kicks, female leads have been slaying their tough character roles. Not only are they physically strong but oh boy, they possess emotional and intellectual strengths. They may not literally kickass but they'll surely show you what it's like to have a backbone and a chin constantly held high. While there are female characters that give off that sweet little princess energy, let's jump on to the other side and welcome the feisty dragons. Check out these 10 Korean dramas with badass female leads. Let's start off the list with  No.1 Do Bong Soon Park Bo-young in JTBC drama 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.'  ( Woman Do Bong Soon) she is literally a strong woman with some very unique supernatural strength. But with the strength aside she's the kind of person who won't blink twice when it comes to standing up for what is right. Her aspiring game developer phys

Top 7 Korean Dramas To Must Watch In September 2020

How was the second half of 2020 treating you so far? We hope you are doing well and we're here to make your day brighter as we serve you with some upcoming dramas that you'll want to put on your radar. So get ready to be on the lookout because September will bring us some new exciting Korean dramas. Prepare for an exciting tension-filled drama as  No.1 Private Lives Private Lives brings you con artists trying to find out and reveal the nation's secret. In a world where it's easy to share and fabricate private lives, a group of swindlers will use their skills to go up against a large company, where we have a team leader looking like an ordinary employee but are actually very mysterious. Next, we have a sweet-looking woman who supports herself by being a swindler; we also get a professional swindler and her partner in crime. First off, we are totally living for this cast. We finally got ourselves another drama with the Girls Generation's So Hyun. Next, we have Kim Jun