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Top 7 Badass Women in Korean Dramas 2020

A damsel in distress? Helpless young lady? Not on this list! From deathly stares to spin kicks, female leads have been slaying their tough character roles. Not only are they physically strong but oh boy, they possess emotional and intellectual strengths. They may not literally kickass but they'll surely show you what it's like to have a backbone and a chin constantly held high. While there are female characters that give off that sweet little princess energy, let's jump on to the other side and welcome the feisty dragons. Check out these 10 Korean dramas with badass female leads. Let's start off the list with 

No.1 Do Bong Soon

Park Bo-young in JTBC drama 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.' ( Woman Do Bong Soon)

she is literally a strong woman with some very unique supernatural strength. But with the strength aside she's the kind of person who won't blink twice when it comes to standing up for what is right. Her aspiring game developer physique comes off as sweet, gentle, and fragile but surprise she is actually going to be a bodyguard of a cheeky CEO of a gaming company. Even the whole gang of all those wearing black thugs like suits might intimidate others but they better take a step back because Do Bong Soon will take a step forward and defend herself and those in need. Whether you are her friend or a random girl in the street she will come across and help will surely come your way. Bong Soon will go from teaching bad guys their lessons to solving a mystery case and there's no stopping her from using her powers for good. Her strong demeanor does not falter, well... unless she's in front of her other policeman friend. Hot Oppa alert! But other than that she is again the strongest so if you want your teeth to stay and remain intact, you better not mess with Do Bong Soon. 

No.2 Fight For My Way

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Looking for someone who will have your back when things get rough, a drinking partner, better grab a soju buddy, get a best friend who will do anything to defend and protect you. In short, go find your very own Choi Ae Ra. A small body is not a hindrance in having a voice as loud as your eardrums could handle. This department store employee Choi era possesses a character who does not know the meaning of backing down. Not even the endless pain of wearing her high heels will stop her from reaching her dream of becoming an announcer. Ae Ra can go from breaking side mirrors to doing embarrassing aegyo just to show everyone who the boss is. Once she senses something odd or fishy, hold on tight because slaps are coming and thousands of words will be released from her mouth so fast that even her mixed martial arts friend fighter Ko Dong Mane is left speechless. Some may think she's a little crazy but this badass girl is the besting protecting and saying what's best by her friends and showing how far you can go with small gigs.

No.3 Sky Castle

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There is something mysterious and secretive about an isolated restaurant in a forest but what's not a secret is how Gil Ra I’m can stand on her own. A helpless girl who needs saving? Gi Ra I’m is far from that. Losing her father has made her an independent and brave woman to the point where blood, guts, and wounds are nothing to the Secret Gardens female lead. She is a stunt woman far from perfect, a poor girl but nothing will hinder her from reaching her goal. She uses her body so much that gritting her teeth and enduring pain has become a normal part of her routine. Faced with magical twist and complicated romance, a lot of challenges are thrown at Gil Ra Imbue this woman will simply not back down. Her character stays tough until the end and who can miss how well her eyes show strong emotions. Let's go a different way with the next badass female lead. Moms want everything for their children. If they could buy the world, they would have bought tithe second they gave birth to their babies. Han Seo Jin is no different from the mothers who want the best for their children but it is her way of achieving what’s best that made her different. Seoul National Medical University is where she wants her child to enter college. Se Jin wants her daughter to become a doctor, just like her husband; for her to do that she must train and educate her daughter well. Han Se Jin with her arrogant attitude will make sure her daughter lands as the number one student in her school of no matter how toxic it gets and how much others plead with her to stop she has to achieve her goal. This woman will not put her head down she'll do anything and everything for her daughter and for their status to be as high as possible. She’s willing to sacrifice and swallow her pride just so she can stand up again and be at a higher level. If you want to live a peaceful life in Sky Castle do not get under the skin of this woman and of course, your child should not be a threat to her academically speaking. 

No.4 While you were sleeping

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Unlike the title of this drama, you won't likely fall asleep from the series because you'll be anticipating Nam Hong Ju's next steps. Her strong personality will really catch everyone’s attention. With the ability to dream of the deaths and unwanted situations of the future, Nam Hong Ju continues life trying to save as many people as she can. The burden of having endless anxiety from not knowing when her bad dreams will come true is carried out by this brave journalist. A big change in her life leads to a change in her hairstyle. The twists and new discoveries about her dreams will make her stronger and more confident in facing the harsh realities of justice in the court system. She'll do everything she can to help the prosecutors and policemen no matter how dangerous. Am Hong Ju is not afraid to cross the line and fight for what's right. 

No.5 The King Eternal Monarch

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Knocking down criminals, fending off thugs, and being fearless of getting hands dirty are definitely part of the criteria for our badass female list. Jung Tae Eul possesses all those descriptions and adds some spin kicks. Also, add holding a powerful man at gunpoint to the list. Police officer of the violent crime squad three of the National Police Agency shows no mercy to suspicious and bad people. No matter how good-looking you are in this world if she finds odd items in your wallet, no matched fingerprints from the forensic team, and no record of you in her world you are definitely part of the guilty. She will keep an eye and get to the bottom of it. Convincing her would not be an easy task because she still doesn’t believe the earth is round so what more cans a king from another world say? That there is a parallel universe? Make sure to add this drama to your watch list to find out. 

No.6 The World of the Married

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There's no need to find a man who will throw punches for you, Hye Jung, because you'll see this doctor throwing fists and punches all by herself. All wounded and hurt by her past, Hye Jung feels dead inside, and being confident is her key to survival. With pain and sorrow inside her, it was hard for her to trust people and her strength and fighting and anger becomes her shield. On her journey, she is faced with challenges and put into places where she shouldn't be. Guilt was fed inside of her creating deep scars. Hye Jung is a fighter and used her anger to build a stronger version of her. Remembering the memories of her beloved grandmother motivation sparked inside of her and success will come her way. She absolutely made sure of that. Hold on tight because Ji Sun Woo is ready to mess with the lives of those who messed with hers. A loving wife and mother to her husband and son, faces what could be possibly the worst news of her life. The Associate Director of Family Love Hospital’s life crumbles as she learns that her husband is cheating on her. When revelations after revelations hit her hard, her heart wants nothing but revenge to those who tricked her. Sun Woo is different from other women who would shout and physically attack their enemies. This fight will catch her wrongdoers when they are at their weakest twice or thrice worse than how they treated her. Physical and mental pain will be present in the life of Sun Woo but she will do everything and anything for herself to survive and have her son beside her under her custody. Ji Sun Woo is not an easy target, remember that! 

No.7 Hotel del Luna

In the original series of Hotel Del Luna, singer-actress IU (above) plays a boss who runs a hotel for spirits.PHOTO: VIU

And last but not least, Hotel de Luna. Who can hold shotgun in the classiest way, Jang Man Wol of Hotel de Luna? The beautiful yet cold owner of the hotel has killed many people in her lifetime and her presence still lingers in this world to serve ghosts and lead them to the afterlife. The tree inside her hotel symbolizes her true self, dark, alone, alive but empty.1300 years of existence really turn Jung Man Wol into a cold person. Evil ghosts better hide from her because even the slightest twists and turns of her hands can make one's soul disappear forever. She may be in her heels and on her second outfit of the day but she can still grab a knife and kill. With the right amount of money presented on her plate, she’ll immediately work her way to take revenge on the people responsible for her hotel’s guest’s deaths and bring them to justice. As death arrives, find the lights of her hotel come in and be served but if one enters her hotel alive and unwelcome, that may be a whole new story. The pretty faces of these heroines are ready to blow fire but beneath strong bodies and personalities, are there more? Is it anger or a defense mechanism? Are there stories behind the emotional walls built by these ladies? Well, there's only one way to find out! Time to feel the power of women and go binge these great stories.