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Top 7 Korean Dramas To Must Watch In September 2020

How was the second half of 2020 treating you so far? We hope you are doing well and we're here to make your day brighter as we serve you with some upcoming dramas that you'll want to put on your radar. So get ready to be on the lookout because September will bring us some new exciting Korean dramas. Prepare for an exciting tension-filled drama as 

No.1 Private Lives

Private Lives brings you con artists trying to find out and reveal the nation's secret. In a world where it's easy to share and fabricate private lives, a group of swindlers will use their skills to go up against a large company, where we have a team leader looking like an ordinary employee but are actually very mysterious. Next, we have a sweet-looking woman who supports herself by being a swindler; we also get a professional swindler and her partner in crime. First off, we are totally living for this cast. We finally got ourselves another drama with the Girls Generation's So Hyun. Next, we have Kim Jung Min after seeing two sides of him in 'Crash Landing On You ‘and 'The World of the Married' which side of him will we see in this drama? Viewers are dying to witness the chemistry that the characters will bring to this drama. We are excited to watch the bond or wars that these four people will show us.


Maybe some more people will be drawn into the k-drama world because of this drama. Fans of Zach Ephron and that American movie'17 Again' are surely anticipating this next drama because it is based on that said movie. On the verge of getting a divorce, a husband in his 30s finds himself in his 18-year-old body. Having some regrets in his life and currently a jobless man, this mysterious transformation brings our male lead a new opportunity from the prime of his life. Taking this opportunity, he changes his name to hide his true identity but still owning his 37-year-old mind. So where will life take our male lead in his old but new body? So many love 17Again, the humor the characters and the family values. So we are hoping to get that comedy we experienced from the American movie transitioned into this drama. Crossing our fingers that this remake will turn out great, plus we all got the second lead syndrome on Lee Do Hyun in Hotel Del Luna. So here are eager fans awaiting his new role as the lead character. 

No.3 Oh! Samgwang Villa

The story of the people gathered in a house called Samgwang Villa is where this drama will revolve. Oh! Samgwang Villa will show viewers that once tough situation is not a hindrance to see, feel, and give sincere love. An installer at an interior design shop our female lead is a hot-tempered and ambitious woman and she is hoping to be a textile designer one day. Another person in Samgwang Villa is a handsome architect oozing with confidence and he can also get a little angry easily. With our male lead liking the warm affection of the place, our female lead shares a different view. Will we be seeing a clash of their respective fields of expertise and maybe we are hoping that this drama will also educate us. Continuous bickering will surely happen but we just can't wait to watch how our lead starts as strangers but slowly open up and develop that deeper connection. 

No.4 Lies of lies

Accused as a murderer, a woman who gave birth in prison will try to get her daughter back by starting a fake love with the man who adopted her child. This woman's lies will lead her into getting married into a chaebol family and become the stepmother of her biological child. The plot of this suspenseful melodrama is already getting us hooked. They need to be with your own child will get our female lead into being a stepmother; I mean will she even be considered to be called a stepmother if she is...the actual mother of the child? Confusing but definitely interesting and we can't wait to see how this drama unfolds.

No.5 More than friends

More than friends ( Source: reddit.com )

Due to a misunderstanding for over 10 years, an attractive photographer and calligrapher have held a crush on each other. Between these two friends, one is hiding true feelings, and the other expresses it. Are we getting a friend zone here in this drama or will our characters make the title come true and become more than friends? We also seriously love the continuous rise of Ong Seong Woo's acting career. He definitely captured us with his performances during his Produce 101 and 101 Days and here he is in another role making us fall in love once again. Another thing to look forward to in this drama is the potential of having relatable characters. Hiding, rejecting, and expressing feelings of love is part of everyone's lives so we're hoping this drama will give us all the feels?

No.6 The School Nurse Files 

The School Nurse Files ( Source: dramabeans.com )

Nam Joo Hyuk is for sure feeding us with some new Korean dramas this year and we're not complaining. We are jumping with joy because the School Nurse Files ‘release date has finally been confirmed and is coming this September. Based on the best-selling novel School Nurse Ahn Eun Young, the drama will revolve around a school nurse who also happens to be an exorcist. What makes this drama unusual but also amusing is how our female lead will use a toy knife and a bb gun to take out the ghosts. With the help of the school's Chinese teacher, the nurse teacher will use her abilities to solve mysteries and fight off some bad ghosts. Are you going to watch this drama because of Jung Yoo Mi or Nam Joo Hyuk? For us, picking sides isn't a thing. This drama is definitely on our watch list because of both actors... and that toy knife to fight off supernatural creatures? I guess we are expecting some comedy here and we are stoked for i.e. mystery theme drama mixed with a fun concept is surely landing on our September watch list.

No.7 Record of Youth

Putting the icing on our September k-drama schedule is one of the most awaited k-dramas of2020. Record of Youth. Revolving around the dreams and hopes of the characters, this drama will show viewers how three people, two aspiring actors and a makeup artist, struggle in the modeling industry. But what you were born with should not hinder you from your goals and the characters in record of youth will prove that. Watch these three young people strive to achieve their dreams and find love along the way. Park Bo Gum fans will make some noise because one of our favorite oppas is treating us with a new drama. The news of Bo Gum's military enlistment totally broke our fangirl hearts but it's time to put those pieces back together as he gives us Record of Youth. Park Bo Gum or Bogummy really knows how to fix a fan girl’s heart. What's also exciting about this drama is having Park So Dam! Viewers really loved her movie 'Parasite’s everyone's rooting for this drama to be a great one. Some of these dramas were expected to be aired in the first half of 2020, now they are finally here and coming tour screens. That's it for our September list, how many of these dramas caught your attention? Comment down and let us know.

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