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Top 10 Upcoming Korean Dramas in Netflix for 2021

Korean dramas have an edge for keeping viewers entertained as it has been coming forward with plotlines that are compelling and thoroughly grip your attention if you are a south Korean drama fantasy lover then this is something you will be excited about this coming 2021 and these are the list of top 10 upcoming k dramas in Netflix 

10) mouse 

mouse is staring by park jooheon as bong I and lee soon Ji as jong bah ram this is a suspense action and drama this drama is about a justice-seeking rookie police officer named young barium the story follows young barium as he comes face to face with a crazed psychopath serial killer whose ruthless murders have thrown the entire nation into chaos then after surviving his encounter with the psychopath young barium's life begins to change completely

9) sunbee don't put on that lipstick

sunbee doesn't put on that lipstick as a romantic comedy that is already interesting to many staring chai Hyun soon he works for the cosmetic brand as a marketer. he is a stunning and attractive he has a one-sided love for Yoon Song Ah is a lovely sunbee who has been working for the cosmetic as a marketer she is passionate about cosmetics and wants to launch her own cosmetic branch it tells the pull and push romance of a lovely sunbee and a handsome sexy serious and straightforward Hobie the story of sunbee don't put on that lipstick is based on a popular web novel. 

8) come to witch's restaurant

come to witch's restaurant staring by song jihyo this series tells the stories of people who come by to eat a magical dish with the hopes of having their personal wishes granted even if they will sell of their own souls johira is a gorgeous witch but doesn't know how years she spent alive she is though when she chose to turn into a sorceress after suffering a tragic fate in her twenties this drama will be released in the first half of 2021 

7)red cuff of the sleeve

red cuff of the sleeve is staring by park hysue and Kim this historical drama about the crown prince mother who started as a court lady and eventually becomes queen it will show the dramatic reversal of life of an ordinary woman park hye soo played the role of the court lady turned queen sea on diakim she had an untroubled childhood but one day her family suffers from a crisis and she goes through several obstacles to grow as a person Kim Kyung Nam looks perfect on the surface and become the ideal successor desired by his grandfather but in his heart, the death of his father remains a trauma however it becomes difficult to maintain his perfect facade when he meets her

6) undercover

 Yoon Ji woos father dies suddenly and she wants to take revenge on whoever is responsible for her father's death she works for the drug crime group Choi mujin is the boss of the drug gang he helps Yoon Ji woo to uncover the reason for her father's death Yoon Ji wu works in the drug investigation unit in the police department her partner there is detective Jian pill do of narcotics unit he is brave and meticulous chargiho is the chief of narcotics unit he becomes obsessed with bringing down dongshan cartel before his retirement yong tae Joo-hoos has unconditional loyalty and obedience earns him the trust of his boss do gang j is another cartel member whose character will be adding the conflict of the story the drama is about love and justice

5)  bosom stealing fate

bosom stealing fate staring by young the second woo and Kwon why you re this story of a person who accidentally kidnaps a princess Jung the second woo leads the role of bar woo who was framed for conspiracy by someone at a young age and though he was able to escape with his life he needs to hide his identity and live in poverty since Kwon why you replay the role of su Kyung who is the princess of Sanghi the drama will be set during the reign of king wang and revolve around bar woo and princess su Kyung it will be a story of life and love that touches upon the oppression experienced by women 

4) Arthdal chronicles s2

arthel chronicles story is about building a new society from the traditional city of arthdal and its surrounding areas it shows a mythical touch that follows the path of a warrior will surely make you absorbing the cast staring by Jang dong gun as taegon song junkie as Yoon Siem Kim Ji won as Tanya and Kim o'kavin as t alha this Korean drama is an epic fantasy about legendary warriors from the mythical land of arth the first season had received high ratings because of fascinating concepts with ancient tribes power and politics will tan your and uncm romance will be there are you hoping to see a new season of arthral chronicles

3) hospital playlist s2

 hospital playlist season two we will get to see jo Jung suk yu Yeon Seok Kim dam young Jung Kyung ho and gian mido these are the five primary characters of this series the show tells the story of five doctors who have been best friends for 20 years and who end up working in the same hospital in the series we are shown what happens to their personal and professional lives and we see glimpses of their past as med students this k drama get highest rating in season 1 that's why this is everyone's new favorite heartwarming story and it's coming back for a second season

2) mount jiai

 mount jiai staring by janji Hyun as this drama is all about park rangers who work to protect people at mount jiai these rangers are saving people who are lost and trying to kill themselves in mount jiai Jun Ji Hyun is the top ranger who knows everything about mount jiai national park and juji hoon is a military academy graduate with a deep secret who joins as a new ranger mount jiai will surely be successful all over the world let's hope and wait for its release


 Vincenzo staring by song Joong ki jin yoo bin and oh hkt Kyon park Joo Hyung went to Italy after he was adopted and his new name was Vincenzo casino he is a lawyer who works for the mafia as a consequence because of the commotion in the company he flees to South Korea he meets hong cha young also a lawyer she's always determined to win a case Vincenzo falls in love with her t sian will play the role as Jang jun woo an intelligent and hard-working intern at a law firm he is from a middle-class family and courteous this k drama will definitely be looking forward to because of the plots and characters this coming half of the year 2021 this upcoming k dramas are the most adored shows on Netflix which has assembled a huge fan base and you will definitely be excited to 

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