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Top 10 Superpower Anime With Badass Main Character

you get all kinds of strong and impressive super-powered mc's in anime but some of the most fun and greatest main characters are more than just overpowered it's a real joy checking out a hero that is more than just op but an on badass slick and cools the sort of mc

Number 10: Dramatical murder

Based on one of our personal favorite science fiction novels of all time dramatical murder have since spread into the manga and anime space to great levels of success although the visual novels really are on a league of their own the emcee of dramatical murder really operates on a whole other level of badassery the series itself is definitely a bit more mature than you'd think and the creators use that slick sci-fi setting to tell a pretty heartfelt and emotional romance tale that had us all involved from the very beginning although lacking the freedom of choice and branching storylines that the visual novels give you the anime opts for a semi-original and thoroughly fleshed out a branch that is widely considered canon following Abu sagakai and four potential love interests set in the near future of a fictional Japanese island this weird island has been turned into a strange resort for the ultra-rich with the original residents forced to live simple lives the main the story really goes to many interesting and unique places from turf wars to disappearances and virtual reality games with heavy romantic undertones

Number 9: Tsugumomo

It a fun comedy that isn't afraid of emotionally charged scenes wrapped nicely together with an awesome supernatural backdrop Suga momo started its life as a manga but has since dominated the anime scene with a recent revival kicking up a storm following kazaya kagami a seemingly ordinary boy that finds his whole life turned upside down one day a the magical girl appears out of nowhere turns out that she's an object that has gained a soul through a close and peaceful relationship with its owner instantly the two become somewhat attached to one another as Kagame starts to learn of these fantasy beings that exist just underneath the surface while also learning of the dark past that was hidden from himself a slow burn reveal a true nature and history of Kagami really had us hooked a brave and courageous mc that isn't afraid to throw himself in the line of danger you don't get much more badass than Kia Kagami

 Number 8: twin star exorcists

This is a series that isn't afraid to get slick and stylish when it needs to an epic adventure with a brilliant supernatural flavor twin star exorcist really shines with the brilliant chemistry of its leading characters starting as a manga and seeing huge levels of success as both an anime series as well as a game, there is a lot of twins star exorcists for serious oh tacos to get into following the grim life of rokuro Armando a young boy that aimed to one day become a powerful exorcist a horrific tragedy leaves his friends dead and forces him to abandon his dreams meeting a well-known and famous exorcist a girl known as benio the two form the twin star exorcists destined to marry and bear a child known as Miko this child is prophesied to become the ultimate exorcist capable of cleansing all evil spirits and ending a war that has gripped humanity for over a millennium from this base premise you can imagine that twin star exorcists have a lot of freedom to explore countless themes from romance love destiny isolation the list is really endless and the series certainly covers these expertly

Number 7: needless

One of the more seriously underrated series out there needless came out to a moderate level of hype but needs to be watched bringing together a fun mix of comedy and science fiction with some absolutely brilliant fight scenes needless as a series definitely have widespread the appeal said around the year 2130 the far future around 50 years after world war iii huge bombs littered the earth with the city of Tokyo replaced by a huge crater filled with contaminated rubble this crater was left by a bomb from world war 3 is known as the black spot as is one of many across japan filled with outcasts that gain insane powers due to their contamination our mc is none other than adam blade but trust us when we tell you that he gets far more badass than the name with the brutish power of insane strength and accelerated healing he only has a single weakness, cute girls

Number 6: Sirius the jaeger

The uninitiated are a hunter and you don't get much more capable hunters than our mc Sirius said in the interesting world of vampires and supernatural this action thriller had us hooked from the very first scene set in the fictitious 1930s a group of vampires leave china and escape to japan halting their heels are the vampire hunters known as jaegers but jaegers aren't just normal humans a world of dark fantasy with werewolves and holy relics meet yuri a werewolf whose village was destroyed by these vampires chose to be ancient of god and wielding a mysterious holy relic with an insane level of power serious the jaeger does not disappoint with some absolutely brilliant action scenes and some absolutely morbid story arcs it's hard not to fall in love with this absolutely brilliant anime series

Number 5: bloodivores

Based on the highly successful time prisoners webcomic the bloodivers anime adaptation was reasonably well received but its mix of fantasy and action did not push it to the source of heights that a series of such high quality should deserve with extremely interesting world-building and backstory at its core bloodivores tells the interesting tale of an odd case of insomnia that affected the entire human population the whole planet could not sleep for a week this led to a large amount of people to go completely mad with sleep-deprived rage, fortunately, the cure was created with the horrible side effect of turning patients into vampires these vampires are the titular blood divers feared by most people and forced to wear a special necklace that informs the police if blood either goes rogue the story kicks off in an interesting fashion following me lou a badass bank robber and a career criminal that gets caught by the police and sentenced to death until strange truths begin unraveling do yourself a favor and check out bloodivores for yourself

Number 4: A certain scientific accelerator

An interesting mix of science fiction and supernatural this is a series that isn't afraid to really bask and enjoy its high concept nature a highly successful and long-running manga series both the overarching plot points and side stories are some of the strongest we've ever come across this great storytelling is clear throughout the anime mc is the accelerator what a name extremely mysterious and calm even in the heaviest of situations our hero lets his power and battles do the talking protecting the last order and almost sacrificing himself the accelerator finds himself dragged into yet another battle involving another secretive and extremely sinister organization turns out this new secret society wants to get their hands-on a seemingly innocent young girl the only person that can stop this all is the accelerator one of the world's most powerful esp users and his beautiful companion the latest season has been announced it's just a matter of time

Number 3: kuaru phantom memory

The clear vision and drive behind kuaru is what makes it such a brilliant anime series as opposed to most animes out there kuaru started off as a television series and was only later turned into a manga and light novel an extremely interesting combination of sci-fi and cyberpunk with some heavy drama and some absolutely iconic characters guarantees this is a series you do not want to miss out on set in the distant the year 2100 we learn of this exciting new research into the field of alternative energy ranex energy as it's called truly does have the ability to change the world the weed researcher dr amami brings his daughter kura into a lab on her 12th birthday but an experiment goes horribly wrong and the young girl is struck by a boat of energy the experiment goes wrong reforms karuru as this 12 year old girl finds her body completely taken over by this ranix energy not just a form of energy but sentient energy this ranix grows more powerful in kairuru's body and grants her insane superhuman abilities the explanation and bank story regarding this ranks life-form energy source is truly unique and highly captivating we recommend you check out this series as our explanation simply won't do it justice other than that the young kuru turns into a very stylish and powerful young woman keeping her insane power as a secret she is a freelance operative that works closely with the global police organization karuru phantom memory is a series you really should just watch

Number 2: s-CRY-ed

There's nothing wrong with a bit of light-hearted action with some epic fightings and clear-cut motivations scride works to polish all these classic anime features and brings forward the perfect package that is set to impress even the most highbrow anime fan set a few years after the strangest geological phenomena, the great uprising as it's known as enabled a number of people to develop extremely powerful weapons using their abilities as opposed to traditional anime altered people series we slowly start to see more and more superhumans as a viewer you really get a view that shifts from traditional humanity into our next evolution an epic battle between two warrior groups of alters an interesting story through the eyes of kazuma an altar user that operates primarily as a mercenary just trying to survive in this erratic and tumultuous world the story is not afraid to go to some interesting places before you know it scride is talking about religious orders and parallel universes a fresh watch that is highly engaging definitely give

Number 1: Nanbaka

Sometimes it's nice to just kick back and have a good laugh most of you anime fans out there already saw the world of baka and knew that that idiots feature in some anime this had us clutching our sides rolling and laughing on the floor from the very first episode said in Namba prison the story follows four young men that form such a brilliant foundation for some absolutely hilarious episodes extremely unique and contributing fresh perspectives to the chemistry between our weed characters truly ties them because together four badasses are thrown into absolutely ridiculous situations to further complement this crew is a cast of interesting and hilarious side characters nun baka isn't a series of good or bad pure and evil it's more of a Hilary story of a group of characters that you begin to love not just the main characters but even the prison guards and the other inmates do yourself a favor and make sure you've got nanbaka next up on your ever-growing anime list 

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