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Top 7 Badass Women in Korean Dramas 2020

A damsel in distress? Helpless young lady? Not on this list! From deathly stares to spin kicks, female leads have been slaying their tough character roles. Not only are they physically strong but oh boy, they possess emotional and intellectual strengths. They may not literally kickass but they'll surely show you what it's like to have a backbone and a chin constantly held high. While there are female characters that give off that sweet little princess energy, let's jump on to the other side and welcome the feisty dragons. Check out these 10 Korean dramas with badass female leads. Let's start off the list with  No.1 Do Bong Soon Park Bo-young in JTBC drama 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.'  ( Woman Do Bong Soon) she is literally a strong woman with some very unique supernatural strength. But with the strength aside she's the kind of person who won't blink twice when it comes to standing up for what is right. Her aspiring game developer phys

Top 10 NEW Anime of Fall 2020

The top 10 anime that people anticipate in an upcoming season but usually around half of those entries are filled with sequels of popular anime for obvious reasons hence we're going to change things up a little bit I know I already had something pretty similar to this before but we'll have a second go at counting down the top anime to look out for this fall 2020 but this time I'll be intentionally excluding sequels and focusing only on new anime so with those sequels out of the way which shows will make it to the list    No.10 I'm standing on one million lives Source ( We begin with I'm standing on one million lives and right off the bat we get an issac this time it's the trio of friends yusuke kusuwe and eu who get transported into another world full of mythological creatures now the thing is the two girls get some cool character class assignments becoming a warrior and a magician while yusuke is left with being a farmer what a nice f